Richard is an intuitive and inspiring musician and teacher who knows his stuff. His unique and authentic approach wakes up the natural creativity in a person. I recommend him highly as he has been an integral part of my growth and learning from him has been a lot of fun.

W. B. Etoile


I’ve been taking lessons in keyboard from Richard Tazewell for three-some years now, and more recently when I decided I wanted to learn some guitar he’s been adding that to the lessons. I’m sure I’m not the ideal kind of student. I’m coming to this much later in my life, and although I did have piano lessons as a child I hadn’t touched the keys since my high school years. Guitar is even newer for me. And my time gets scarce. I’m a writer and also teach writing, and that means that although I very much want the music in my life, it will never take the top place. From the first, Richard has had the patience, kindness, flexibility and persistence to take all this where it is. He’s given me a truly first-class learning experience, and a supportive one, and he continues to nudge me toward trying new things.

I’ve found in my own non-credit adult classes that this kind of teaching is quite a different matter than working with students taking a class for credit. Richard is excellent with it. I haven’t seen his work with children, but I’m convinced it would be equally skilled, and probably rather different. To anyone looking for a fine music teacher, I can recommend Richard without reservation. You’ll learn, and you’ll have a great experience learning.

 Joyce Allen


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