I teach privately in your home or at my home studio. I can teach any level of piano, as well as voice and guitar. Basic recording techniques and music theory are offered as well. I enjoy working with any age of student. I charge $35 for a Half Hour lesson, $4o for 45 Minutes, and $50 for an Hour lesson. I consider myself a Musical Personal Trainer where you and I determine where you are musically,  along with where you would like to go . Then I can work with you to acheive your goals. We can work as often or as little as suits your pace. I urge people to develop a life-long relationship with music where it is as much a part of their life as food and rest. I am confident that my dedication and commitment to music will inspire my students to develop their own.

                                Peace Through Music

      Music as therapy has been a part of my life since I was a child. The key ingredient in this skill set is the practice of singing. Singing is the most personal form of expression. More importantly, it regulates the flow of oxygen into your body and allows you to direct its healing qualities to anywhere there is restricted flow. Through regular practice a medicinal effect heals and strengthens every aspect of the physical body, as well as the emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies. Nothing less. Matching the voice with a fixed pitch instrument such as a piano or a guitar is like sending it to the work out room. There is infinite tuning that can go on when you work with the voice and an instrument.

                                       Teaching Style

     When I work with children from 6-12 we focus on basic keyboard skills, along with work on chords and harmony. Simple melodies are explored and the concept of time and rhythm are introduced. The fundamental respect for the music is instilled both by example and encouragement toward practice.

   The ages between 12-18 are when young adults really want and need to find their own way of doing things. Often by this time a person has had some introduction to music. My job is to help direct the focus toward goals that grab the imagination. Usually it involves some form of pop music. Along with this is continued work on the fundamentals of technique and the exploration of melody, harmony, and rhythm.

    Seniors most likely have had lots of musical experiences of one kind or another. Finding a specific set of goals is a key to working with this age group. And the practice of all the skills keeps the mind and body in good shape.


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