I discovered a long time ago that music is a service industry. I have developed my skills in order to provide service in a variety of capacities. I can create a relaxed mood in a sophisticated setting, or an entertaining show with a cast of beauties. Along with these offerings is my dedication to teaching all levels of students who want to have a richer experience with music. And finally, my work with seniors shows that music can soothe the anxieties of age.

Southern Routes

        The idea is that all of the important music in American culture can trace its roots to the South. Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, it all started with that gumbo of European, African and Native American traditions. What we do is bring it all back to the South by reaching even further south to the rhythms and stylings of the Caribbean, Brazil and South Africa. The result is a World Music that celebrates the power of blending cultures.

Southern Routes Swing Band

     I have been playing swing music for years. It was the music that my parents danced to and the music we learned about in college. Now there is a craze for swing dancers to have live music for their dances. Traditionally it would have taken a 17 piece big band to create the sound and energy of the music. With time we have gotten down to its essentials with two saxophone players and a rhythm section. We generally play the music of the swing era with various tempos and feels. However we spice it up with what is called Jump Blues. This is the music of the early fifties that is typified by Fats Domino. The other sound we go for are the beautiful melodies of the last hundred years. The songs are just the right length and the time between them is short so there is a real bright mood in the air. 

Music as Medicine

       Music has been one of the healing arts since the beginning of time. It is just now being rediscovered as a valuable tool in the process of physical healing, as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual healing. There are fundamental practices with regard to melody, harmony and rhythm that can bring about new levels of awareness and a sense of well-being. The key is practice. And that can’t be forced. It has to be inspired. That is the job of the teacher. The enthusiasm that the teacher brings to the equation is a key to building a life-long relationship with this universal language.


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