I am very pleased to have you visit and learn about my work. I play the piano and sing as well as teach private lessons.  I also appear at various night clubs and restaurants in the area. Other venues include retirement communities and special events. I can play on my own and also have several small combos that I create from a pool of musicians that include guitar, saxophone and drums. We feature a swing band and a roots rock band along with latin and Caribbean music.

Who Am I?

I’ve been playing the piano since I was eight years old. I learned very early that music can help bring harmony not only into one’s own life but into the lives of others. I played Classical music as a child, discovered Rock and Roll as a teenager, Jazz as a college student, and World Music as a young professional in Key West, Florida where I lived and worked for many years. Since moving to the North Carolina Triangle area twenty years ago I have played professionally and taught privately. I have also developed a program working for seniors in helping them to rediscover the music of their lives.

Peace Through Music

      All of my life I have had the joy and challenge of keeping the music alive. It was given to me by my family and my teachers. A key part of the process is to pass this experience on to any and all who will receive it. It is the basis for everything that I do in music. Whether it be teaching a young child the basics, giving a senior a fascinating hobby, playing in a setting where seemingly no one is listening, or inspiring a room full of dancers, it’s like pouring love from a faucet that is as old as time and young as now.